2015-05-22 Stefan Agnerimx-common: include mini-loader vf610m4bootldr 2015.04-toradex-next-m4boot
2015-05-17 Stefan Agnerimx-common: add m4boot command
2015-05-17 Stefan Agnercolibri_vf: disable configuration of MSCM interrupt...
2015-05-11 Stefan Agnervideo: dcu: fixup memory correct even without framebuffer
2015-05-11 Stefan Agnertoradex: common: set board-rev and product-id
2015-05-09 Stefan Agnertoradex: common: set Toradex specific dt properties
2015-05-09 Stefan Agnertoradex: configblock: move environment config to common
2015-05-07 Max KrummenacherAdd config to disable commands used only in production
2015-05-07 Max Krummenacherconfigblock.c: add configblock creation for iMX6 modules
2015-05-07 Max KrummenacherApalis/Colibri iMX6: use Toradex boot logo
2015-05-06 Max KrummenacherApalis/Colibri iMX6: make the parallel RGB usable
2015-05-06 Max Krummenacherimx-common: make ipu's di configurable
2015-05-06 Max KrummenacherApalis/Colibri imx6: remove explicitely set default...
2015-05-06 Marcel Ziswilerapalis/colibri_t30: fix dfu_alt_info
2015-05-05 Marcel Ziswilercolibri_t20: adjust cfgblock & u-boot env locations...
2015-05-05 Marcel Ziswilercommon: hash: fix crc32 verify
2015-05-04 Stefan Agnercolibri_vf: update default config
2015-05-04 Stefan AgnerARM: vf610: rename/add bmode for Colibri VFxx
2015-05-04 Stefan Agnertoradex: common: create a place for common functionality
2015-05-04 Sanchayan Maitycolibri_vf: Enable board specific USB initialisation...
2015-05-04 Sanchayan Maityusb: ehci-vf: Add weak function for board specific...
2015-05-01 Max KrummenacherColibri iMX6: initial commit
2015-05-01 Max KrummenacherApalis iMX6: initial commit
2015-05-01 Max Krummenacherserial_mxc.c: add option to use in DTE mode
2015-05-01 Marcel Ziswilerapalis/colibri_t20/t30: fix setupdate
2015-04-28 Marcel Ziswilercolibri_vf: whitespace cleanup
2015-04-28 Marcel Ziswilerapalis/colibri_t30: fix setupdate handling
2015-04-28 Marcel Ziswilertoradex: configblock: fix comment
2015-04-28 Marcel Ziswilerapalis_t30: add missing new line
2015-04-28 Marcel Ziswilercolibri_t20: migrate
2015-04-28 Marcel Ziswilertegra: nand: 16-bit bch ecc integration
2015-04-27 Marcel Ziswilertegra: nand: fix read_byte required for proper onfi...
2015-04-27 Marcel Ziswilercolibri_t20: add i2c support
2015-04-27 Marcel Ziswilercolibri_t20: add LCD display support
2015-04-27 Marcel Ziswilercolibri_t20: fix device-tree compatible node
2015-04-23 Stefan Agnercolibri_vf: set the devices serial number in the device...
2015-04-23 Stefan Agnercolibri_vf: remove fec_mac
2015-04-23 Stefan AgnerMerge branch '2015.04-toradex-next-gpio' into 2015...
2015-04-23 Stefan Agnercolibri_vf: add additional GPIOs required for display...
2015-04-23 Stefan Agnervideo: dcu: make sure memory size aligns to section...
2015-04-23 Stefan Agnervideo: dcu: add additional modes for DCU
2015-04-22 Bhuvanchandra DVdm: colibri_vf: Add gpio pltform data
2015-04-22 Bhuvanchandra DVcolibri_vf: Enable GPIO support
2015-04-22 Bhuvanchandra DVcolibri_vf: Add pinmux entries for GPIOs
2015-04-22 Bhuvanchandra DVdm: gpio: vf610: Add GPIO driver support
2015-04-22 Bhuvanchandra DVdm: gpio: uclass: Add flag to control sequence numbering
2015-04-22 Stefan AgnerARM: vf610: add additional modes for DCU
2015-04-22 Stefan AgnerARM: vf610: add default environment for framebuffer...
2015-04-22 Stefan Agnervideo: dcu: fix framebuffer to the end of memory
2015-04-22 Stefan Agnervideo: dcu: enable pixel clock after initialization
2015-04-21 Stefan Agnerlogos: add Toradex logo
2015-04-21 Stefan Agnervideo: dcu: Add DCU support for Vybrid SoC
2015-04-20 Stefan AgnerARM: vf610: add bmode for Vybrid SoC
2015-04-18 Marcel Ziswilercolibri_vf: fix model info display with missing config...
2015-04-18 Marcel Ziswilerapalis/colibri_t30: migrate
2015-04-18 Marcel Ziswilertoradex: configblock: extend for eMMC on T30 and fix...
2015-04-18 Marcel Ziswilergeneric-board: allow showing custom board info
2015-04-17 Marcel ZiswilerARM: tegra: make sysinfo optional
2015-04-17 Marcel ZiswilerARM: tegra: allow reading recovery mode boot type
2015-04-16 Marcel ZiswilerARM: tegra: allow custom usb manufacturer/product/vendo...
2015-04-16 Marcel Ziswilercolibri_vf: change toradex config block offset type...
2015-04-15 Marcel Ziswilercolibri_vf: move kconfig sourcing to top level
2015-04-15 Marcel Ziswilerapalis/colibri_t20/t30/vf: update maintainer support...
2015-04-15 Max Krummenacherfs/fs.c: read up to EOF when len would read past EOF
2015-04-15 Max Krummenacherfw_env.h: include autoconf.h
2015-04-15 Marcel Ziswilernet: asix: fix operation without eeprom
2015-04-15 Marcel ZiswilerRevert "dm: tegra: Enable driver model for serial"
2015-04-15 Marcel Ziswilere1000: unprogrammed i210 operation hack
2015-04-14 Stefan Agnercolibri_vf: Enable update procedure using USB mass...
2015-04-14 Stefan Agnercolibri_vf: support Toradex config block
2015-04-14 Stefan Agnertoradex: configblock: read Toradex production data
2015-04-14 Stefan Agnerimx: add writebcb command
2015-04-14 Stefan Agnerimx: add u-boot-nand.imx target
2015-04-14 Stefan Agnertools: make imxheader size align on page size
2015-04-14 Sanchayan MaityARM: vf610: Initial integration for Colibri VF50/VF61
2015-04-14 Sanchayan Maityusb: host: Add ehci-vf USB driver for ARM Vybrid SoC's
2015-04-14 Stefan AgnerARM: vf610: Enable caches
2015-04-14 Sanchayan MaityARM: vf610: Add SoC and CPU type detection
2015-04-14 Stefan AgnerARM: vf610: Enable external 32KHz oscillator
2015-04-14 Sanchayan MaityARM: vf610: Move DDR3 initialization to imx-common
2015-04-14 Stefan Agnermtd: vf610_nfc: enable ONFI detection
2015-04-14 Stefan Agnermtd: vf610_nfc: add 32-error correction option for...
2015-04-14 Stefan Agnermtd: vf610_nfc: add Freescale NFC controller configs...
2015-04-14 Stefan Agnermtd: vf610_nfc: use in-band bad block table
2015-04-14 Stefan Agnermtd: vf610_nfc: implement OOB only read
2015-04-14 Stefan Agnermtd: vf610_nfc: allow bitflips in an empty page
2015-04-14 Stefan Agnermtd: vf610_nfc: remove read on SEQIN
2015-04-14 Stefan Agnermtd: vf610_nfc: remove caching of page in buffer
2015-04-13 Tom RiniPrepare v2015.04
2015-04-13 Pavel Machekbreak build if it would produce broken binary
2015-04-13 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://denx.de/git/u-boot-imx
2015-04-13 Stephen WarrenARM: rpi: add a couple more revision IDs
2015-04-11 Masahiro YamadaARM: fix arch/arm/Makefile for Tegra
2015-04-11 Stefan Roesearm: armada-xp: Fix SPL for AXP by using save_boot_para...
2015-04-10 Tom RiniMerge git://git.denx.de/u-boot-arc
2015-04-10 Alexey Brodkinarc: fix separate compilation of start.o
2015-04-10 Linus Walleijintegrator: consolidate flash info
2015-04-10 Linus Walleijvexpress64: juno: add default NOR flash boot
2015-04-10 Linus Walleijcommon/armflash: Support for ARM flash images
2015-04-10 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-fdt